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Google Form for 2017 summer read
*please complete asap if you haven't done so yet (it's how I will find you on Twitter)

Key Standards addressed:
Write routinely over extended time frames (time for research, reflection,and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a
range of tasks, purposes, and audiences (from Ohio's New Learning Standards ELA).

>lots of moving parts this time of the year; I'll update you asap, but please keep abreast of our schedule/due dates/etc. Our final will be Wednesday (5/24)
*you'll have class time on Mon (5/22) to prepare for our Final; here's the prep sheet

Hello--if you missed Friday's lit circle discussion, please see me asap (when you come in Monday?) for the alternative assignment. Mr. Eye

for Fri (5/19) please have read both stories (the 1st one & your assigned one) in The Things They Carried & prepared your job(s) for the lit circle discussion w/ your group.
*final zine due Thurs (5/25)

>start process of building resume (see "zine" pg):
-begin "grocery list" of activities/involvements/accolades/achievements/skills/qualifications/highlights/etc.
-contact potential references
-please submit no later than Fri, 5/19 (final revised copy due no later than Fri, 5/26)

for Tues (5/16) please have read the first vignette (story/chapter) in The Things They Carried (no notes necessary, just read, please)

>Zine proposal due Mon, 5/15 (or sooner)

for Mon (5/1) please have read Gatsby ch. 3 & 4; anticipate quizzes w/ each reading (a pg or so of notes would be appropriate--plot and thoughts).
Gatsby readings:
-ch. 5 & 6 Wed (5/3)
-ch. 7 Fri (5/5)
-ch. 8 & 9 Mon (5/8)
*in-class rhetorical analysis essay on Fri (5/5) Please review AP pkt (esp rhetorical triangle) as prep (revisit Krueger piece from Gatsby pkt, perhaps)

*zine research via databases--notecards due Fri (5/5). 5 sources . . . 15 notecards (tot: 8 sources; 25 notecards)
--place second annotated bib below the first and treat as a new assignment (incl heading, e.g.) due Mon (5/8)

Tues (4/18)--we'll do a bit of prep for the ACT and set things up for research re your zine (career interest project)
*Gatsby readings read for Tues, please (lightly annotated)
*ACT on Wed (4/19) all juniors (note: test prep pg to your right--you might find this useful before sitting for the ACT, AP Language & Comp exam).
*annotated bib (3 sources) due Mon (4/24); 3 source & 10 note cards due Tues (4/25)
note: sources will be drawn from Naviance, OCIS, BLS, or OMJ
*Gatsby reading one (ch. 1 & 2) due Wed (4/26)--anticipate quiz
*in-class essay re Hamlet Fri (4/28)

for April 11 some things to consider for today's performance of Hamlet:

-how do they handle the introduction of the ghost? with the soldiers? with Hamlet?
-how much do we pick up on during Claudius's speech to Denmark? Since we know what is going to happen, how much of Claudius's subtext leaks out?
-how much is revealed re Ophelia and Hamlet's relationship?
-any clue as to the hate from Laertes and Polonius toward Hamlet?
-how does the female lead influence our reading of the play?
-give special attention to Hamlet's soliloquies . . . "O, What a Rogue," "To Be or Not to Be," et al.
-how important is Fortinbras in this production? what might this suggest?
-how are key scenes handled (recall your work w/ the actors); e.g., "The Mousetrap," "Get Thee to a Nunnery," "Gertrude's Bedroom," 5.2 (final scene), et al.
-all art is a product of its time . . . is this particular performance trying to say something about our "current human condition"?
-don't feel limited to this "starter kit" above . . .

After enjoying today's performance:

-please post one Tweet using #KHSHamlet and respond to two other Tweets sometime today (don't forget the hashtag, please).
PS--additional hashtag (optional): #GLTFCleveland

-your initial Tweet can be your initial reaction--what's most on your mind at this moment? Maybe something you found interesting or noteworthy about this particular interpretation, some element that this particular version brings to the surface that you may not have considered previously. Use the "things to consider" from above to guide you, if necessary.

If you're not a Twitter person, please email (eric.eye@kirtlandschools.org) or Remind me a response of @ least 150 words sometime today.

*for today (Friday, 4/7), I would like for you to view the David Tennant version of the "Gertrude Bedroom" scene (3.4)--it's about 9 mins. After you've viewed this clip, please post one Tweet using #KHSHamlet and respond to two other Tweets sometime today (don't forget the hashtag, please).

Your initial Tweet is simply something you found interesting or noteworthy about this particular interpretation, something that this particular version brings to the surface that you may not have considered in your work w/ the actors last week (btw, Hamlet uses a gun not a sword to dispense w/ Polonius--so now you have to find something else). It's very modern but for me the most interesting thing is how the ghost is handled . . .

If you're not a Twitter person, please email (eric.eye@kirtlandschools.org) or Remind me a response of @ least 150 words sometime today.

>David Tennant's Hamlet (3.4)

for Wed (4/5) please read Act IV and complete modified log in GC (summarize each scene; select 3 different prompts); vocab 13-15 review quiz
*Hamlet 5.1 w/ regular log in GC due Fri (4/7)
*Hamlet 5.2 w/ regular log in GC due Mon (4/10)
*trip to see Hamlet April 11

If you haven't done so yet, please share your Hamlet log w/ your assigned partner (contact me if you were absent Fri, 3/24). Once you've received your partner's log, choose one of the three Act II logs and respond to your partner; nothing formal . . . just give them 10-15 minutes of your time. Respond to what they wrote, or what you wrote, or anything about the play that seems interesting to you. Imagine you're watching the same movie and you want to share some thoughts, ask some questions, etc.

>if you attend the school play and would like to earn some extra credit, please write a 1-2 pg response and submit to me in hard copy along w/ your ticket from that particular performance (deadline for submission is Monday, 4/3).

*What could be in your response? Reactions to what you've seen . . . connections to any of our reading . . . address a standout moment or character . . . etc.

*Friday (3/31) is the deadline for late/missing/incomplete Hamlet logs for Acts I & II.
PS--this really only applies to probably two of you in AP . . . kinda embarrassing that I have to post this.

Hamlet reading wk+ of actors: (respond in your log in GC, please)
3.1 due Mon (3/27)
3.2 due block (3/29-3/30)
3.3 & 3.4 due Fri (3/31)

for Mon (3/27) please read Hamlet 3.1 & place log in GC
*we'll do some in-class work w/ "To be, or not to be" on Fri
*vocab 13-15 review quiz (last one!) April 5. It'll be a bit longer & worth more pts--maybe begin your prep now w/ the bit of break w/ our schedule . . .
*actors here beginning Mon (3/27) "The play's the thing!"

for Tues (3/21) please read Hamlet 2.2.170-320 (end w/ ". . . man delights not me?") w/ log in GC.
*vocab unit 15 quiz Wed (3/22)
*Hamlet 2.2.321-end of scene also for Wed (3/22)

for Wed (3/8) vocab quiz unit 14; Hamlet 1.1-1.2 w/ log in GC
*Hamlet 1.3-1.5 w/ log (3 entries, please) for Fri (3/10)
*vocab unit 15 prepped & Hamlet 2.1-2.2.1-170-ish (end w/ Polonius's "O, give me leave" and the exit of the King & Queen) due Mon (3/20)

for Mon (3/6)--Please view video linked under "Shakespeare" re background/context (take some notes on the provided "skeleton" outline). Please read Oxford and Bedford pieces as well--
*Zen reflection due Monday in GC (give yourself some time on this--quite important to the overall project).
*Hamlet 1.1 & 1.2 log due in GC on Wed (3/8)
*vocab unit 14 prepped (quiz Wed, 3/8)
*spring break is only a week away . . .

*Zen Project due March 3 (in-class "Gallery Walk")
*in-class writing re Crucible Wed (3/1)
*no vocab nxt wk (unit 14 for wk of 3/6)

for Friday (2/24) please have read Act IV and complete personal response in GC.
*rhet terms list 8 quiz

for Tues (2/21) please have read Crucible Act III and written personal response in GC
*rhet terms list 8 prepped for 2/21 (quiz 2/24)
*no vocab

for Tues (2/14) please have read Crucible Act II and written personal response in GC
*vocab unit 13 for this wk (quiz 2/15)

for Tues (2/7) please have read Crucible Act I and written personal response in GC
*vocab 10-12 review quiz for Wed (2/8) *will include connotation (see p. 161-162 in Sadlier)
*Zen journal #3 also due Wed (2/8)
*no rhet terms

for Fri (2/3) & Mon (2/6) we'll be discussing pieces A, B, C, & D from below (led by your small groups)

for Mon (1/30) please have read Crucible context/background pieces (6 tot): 2 blurbs, Bradstreet poems (A), "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" excerpts (B), "Why We Need Hell, Too, (C)" and E.J. Dionne piece on Arthur Miller (D). note: I'm asking for groups to lead us in a discussion about your assigned piece; be prepared to highlight/illustrate key points
*vocab unit 12 prepped (quiz Wed, 2/1)
*Zen journal #2 due Wed

for Wed (1/25) vocab unit 11 quiz; we'll also pick up our analysis of the inauguration speech
*rhet terms 7 quiz Fri (1/27) note: be sure to review the notes and links in advance . . . looking @ a passage in isolation and identifying its structure/mode can be a bit tricky.
*Zen journal entry 1 due by midnight, please

for Fri (1/20) rhet terms list 6 "syntax" quiz (see "Rhetoric" pg for some suggestions re your prep); you'll have approx 10 minutes to meet in your group to finalize the rhetorical precis. We'll also take a look @ your midterm (finally!) and address questions re your Zen proposals in GC (due Sat, please).
*vocab unit 11 for nxt wk (quiz Wed, 1/25)
*rhet terms list #7 for nxt wk (quiz Fri, 1/27)

for Tues (1/17) I'll ask you & your group from the Zen 24-26 analysis & informal presentations to write a rhetorical precis in class on Tues; you may wish to bring in rough draft/notes/scribbles to contribute to this process.
*vocab unit 10 quiz for Wed (1/18)
*latest proposal re your Zen project due by Sat (1/21)

for Fri (1/13) finish reading Zen; anticipate a somewhat "bigger" quiz (incl an informal proposal re your Zen project) note: this final quiz will include a couple passages that I will ask you to analyze rhetorically (what choices & to what effect). The recent in-class presentations from 24-26 and the debriefing exercise with the midterm MC will prove helpful (the AP pkt as well, esp if you weren't w/ us in class during these activities).

for Mon (1/9) please read Zen reading eight (24-26). We'll pick up your rhetorical analyses in class on Tues (followed by a rhetorical precis)
*vocab units 7-9 review quiz Wed, 1/11
*no rhet terms this wk

*vocab unit 9 quiz Fri (1/6)
*Zen reading seven (19-23) due Wed (1/4); anticipate quiz
*note: Tues (1/3) will mostly be a work day

mid-term preparation: truth be told, there isn't much you can do to prepare for this exam that you shouldn't have been doing already. Unlike other AP exams, this course is not really tied to any particular content/texts; it's quite process oriented and intended to measure your ability to read challenging texts independently and to write effective college-level essays. Having said this, a review of your AP pkt and rhet terms would be worthwhile.

The first section will be 22 multiple choice questions based on two passages from a previous AP exam. One of the passages contains questions about foot notes, fyi. The second section will be an argument essay without sources, and is somewhat tied to a recent question on a Zen quiz (ch. 12-15), which asked you think about patterns in what you've read this year.

*Dec. 14--SSR partner book chat (6:00-7:30 P.M.)

Note: due dates for the SSR partner book chat/project remain the same (see GC for template). We'll have the Zen (12-15) quiz for our next class meeting; Zen (16-18) due Wed, anticipate a quiz for this reading as well. I'll be looking at LTE revisions today/tomorrow, so keep 'em coming!

for Friday (12/9) please read Zen ch. 12-15 (anticipate quiz).
*vocab unit 8 quiz Wed (12/7)--last one this semester! (no rhet terms until 2017!)

*Mrs. Prosuch will be talking about career & college exploration, etc with Naviance on Fri (12/2)
*Zen reading 4 (ch. 8-11) for Mon (12/5)--anticipate quiz (the reading starts to get pretty heavy; you'll definitely want to take good notes as you work out your thinking/understanding).

for Wed (11/30) rhet terms #5 quiz; Zen reading 3 (ch. 6 & 7)

for Tues (11/29) please read Zen ch. 3-5; prep rhet terms list #5 (quiz is now Wed, 11/30); no vocab

for Mon (11/21) please have read Zen intro, ch. 1 & 2 (to p. 34). *Anticipate a short quiz over this reading as well as the background/context readings from Flipboard.

*vocab unit 7 quiz Wed (11/16)
*rhet terms list 4 quiz Fri (11/18)

for Friday (11/11) will be a work day . . . vocab unit 7 & rhet list #4 for next wk. Ideally, you would submit a draft of your LTE in Google Classroom on Fri (I won't count it late though if it comes in over the weekend). You can find some models (from Sam B & Claire N) and the assignment handout to your right under "handouts." Please have this handy as you begin drafting--it'll save both of us a lot of time if you heed the guidelines and suggestions.

*eXpressions proposal due Thurs (11/3); please see pg to your right (note: you need to request membership to this wiki in order to post). Please plan on bringing a "draft" of your project to class on Tuesday (11/8)--you'll be able to give/receive feedback.

*please complete pg. 3 & 4 in eXpressions pkt (distributed in class) for Wed (11/9). We'll submit your eXpressions projects together in class.

*LTE draft due in Google Classroom 11/11 (note: I will be out of class on this day and will provide you w/ class time for drafting your letter).
*vocab unit 7 & rhet terms return wk of Nov. 14 with list #4 syntax devices

*vocab units 4-6 review quiz Wed (11/2)

for Wed (10/26) please review p. 11/21 in your Twelfth Night pkt (distributed in class on Fri). *you'll also receive this highlighted pg via Remind Tues.
-some additional prep (if you missed class on Tues, 10/25--Hello, 5th pd) *this "additional prep" should take about 15 mins, but will help you better enjoy/understand the performance on Wed.

Note: I will be asking you to post to a discussion board (Wed) and write responses to two peers (Thurs). I look forward to a lively discussion (Fri). Details to follow . . .

for Fri (10/21) probable short reading quiz over Huck 31-Last; Huck final disc; annotated bib due
-Huck in-class writing Mon (10/24)
-Twelfth Night prep upcoming for our trip to the Hanna *please read pkt distributed in class on Fri.
-no vocab, no rhet terms nxt wk.

for Wed (10/19) vocab quiz unit 6; annotated bib work session

*we'll do some work on Mon & Tues as review for the PSAT; you can also find a link under "test prep" to your right for this test as well as others (and several essay contests too).

for Mon (10/17) please read Huck 38-40 & complete resp guide
-prep vocab unit 6
-annotated bib due Fri (10/21)
-Huck 41-Last (& resp guide) due Tues (10/18)
-please have read Lamb's adapted version of Twelfth Night for Wed (10/19)

*for nxt wk: please prep vocab unit 5
*Huck 31-37 & resp guide for Wed (10/12)

for Wed (10/5) please complete a draft of your rhetorical contexts for The Best American Science and Nature Writing (in Schoology); we'll work more with them in class. note: revisit the introductions . . . both Folger and Skloot have helpful things to say about these pieces you're working with (in other words, they can help you to do some of this work).
-vocab quiz unit 4
-Huck 26-28 for Fri (yes, please complete resp guide)
-Huck 29-30 for Fri (yes, please complete resp guide)
*note the change in our reading schedule above
*anticipate, as well, a quick reading quiz over 23-30 on Fri . . .

for Fri (9/30) Huck 21-22 (please complete resp guide--thoroughly, of course. Twain thought the Boggs/Sherburn episode was his best writing). *anticipate a quick reading quiz over 16-22 . . .
-we'll also spend some time on the rhetorical contexts in the Best Am essays
-vocab unit 4 prepped for Mon (10/3); quiz Wed (10/5)
-Huck 23-25 for Mon (resp guide not assigned)

for Tues (9/27) please read Huck 16-18 & complete resp guide
-no vocab, no rhet terms this wk (Yahtzee!)
-Huck 19-20 for Wed (no resp guide!)

for Mon (9/16) -please have prepped vocab units 1-3 Review and rhet terms list #3
-vocab quiz Wed; rhet terms quiz Fri
-Huck ch. 11-12 & corresponding response guide for Tues
-Huck ch. 13-15 & corresponding response guide for Fri

for Tues (9/13) please have read Huck ch. 1-7 (yes, this includes ch. 7) and complete corresponding response guides (found to your right under "Huck")
-we'll pick up the Staples present on Wed after vocab quiz and SSR
-Huck ch. 8-10 for Fri.(have resp guide handy, but not assigned for credit)

for Mon (9/12) please prep vocab unit three
-for Tues, please have read Huck ch. 1-7 and completed response guide (see under Huck to your right); see also Huck readings/links via Flipboard
-no rhet terms this wk (yeah!)

for Fri (9/9) please view brief video re Huck/Twain context/background (see under Huck to your right); you can also find an outline to help you in jotting down some notes (possible quiz).

for Wed (9/7) vocab quiz unit two; SSR; we'll pick up threads of recent classes . . .
*rhet terms list three for nxt wk (9/13 review; 9/16 quiz)

for Fri (9/2) rhet terms list two quiz; Mad/Soft/Fast disc; "Killing Rage"/"Black Men & Public Space" analysis/disc.
*vocab unit two prepped for Tues, please
*Happy Labor Day weekend--I have some links under Eye Drops to your right if you're interested . . .

for Wed (8/30)
*vocab quiz (followed by SSR, so bring a book or borrow one from the classroom library. You might consider choosing another title from the AP list)
*please have read "Killing Rage" for Wed & "Black Men and Public Space" for Fri (see under "Huck" to your right)
*rhet terms list two quiz Fri (9/2)

for Mon (8/29) rhet terms list one quiz (make sure you have the synecdoche/metonymy and litotes/hyperbole/paradox worked out for yourself). Please have prepped vocab unit 1 (this means you should have completed the reading and exercises; highlight questions that give you pause).
*please have read the essays "Killing Rage" & "Black Men and Public Space" (see under "Huck" to your right) for Tues.
*vocab quiz unit 1 Wed. (followed by SSR, so bring a book or borrow one from the classroom library. You might consider choosing another title from the AP list)
*rhet terms list two quiz Fri (9/2)

hw: please send me a message via Remind today (Tues)
*book club summer reading due Fri (8/26)

*new deadline for summer reading Twitter work is midnight Sun (8/21)

*begin w/ poetry . . . transcendentalism . . .
*vocab . . . DLA . . .