*full text here via the Gutenberg Project

in preparation for our reading of ADH, here are some readings on gender, media, and identity--

-"The Pink and Blue Projects"
-"Barbie Banned in Vermont" (older piece but still relevant)
-"Is Pink Necessary?"
-"Why Did 'Girl Toys' All Become Pink?" *at bottom of this piece, also click on Collectors Weekly link (interesting, longer interview)
(note above the use of the single quote inside double quote, btw)
-"Cinderella Ate My Daughter" (it's a product page but also check out Orenstein's special blurb and the note from Publishers Weekly)
-"Is the Professor Bossy or Brilliant?"

*these readings, et al, can be found here:
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Gender Representation in the Media
(stereotypes, about 3.5 min)

11 Facts about Body Image
(Rhianna, about 3.5 min)

Media and Body Image
(experts, about 9 min)

Dustin Hoffman on his role for Tootsie

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