*this page is for somewhat random but relevant readings/links to various topics of study from our class--not required reading; merely for your consideration. Enjoy--

>(via @GrammarGirl) "The Tale of English"

>"Most Dangerous Game"--short story mentioned in class that is plot-driven, some fun (albeit, heavy-handed) uses of figurative language (imagery was one such example), and an over-arching thematic interest in the hunter/hunted debate. Classic read--

>some things regarding Labor Day (a day for the Willy Lomans to rest and to spend time w/ their families):

Enjoy the last day of summer, that last grilled burger . . . but take a moment and remember why you're not at work (or school) today. Many people fought for that.

You can do your part by minimizing your patronage of the corporate box stores (roughly 25% more dollars stay in your community when you buy locally). And a fair wage not only benefits that worker and his or her family, but they in turn are able to support more of what you offer and are less likely to need the government for assistance. See the big picture.
Happy Labor Day.

>(via Larry Ferlazzo) Best Websites for Learning about Labor Day

>Top 10 labor songs (aka get me some Pete Seeger):

>from Digby (traditional version below):

>and the ELP version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyJBNZ4i4Yc

>(via Katherine McKee)--quick two minute video worth watching:

>from Teamsters: what you should be making (wage calculator shows impact of last 30 years on worker pay):

>from Salon's David Sirota, why have we forgotten the meaning of Labor Day:

>Most Challenged Books of 2014 (in recognition of the recent Most Banned Books Week. and Huck Finn.):

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